Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Continental Breakfast

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Chairperson’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

Kippy MacNulty,VP Business Development,Marcone Supply


Panel Discussion: Monitoring Performance and Customer Experience for Extended Warranties and Service Contracts in the Inflationary Environment


Dan Tafel, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ironwood Warranty Group


Michael Huff, President, Nissan Global Reinsurance, Ltd.

Anthony Rizzo, Director of Aftermarket Contract Business, Komatsu America Corp.


Cross-Functional, Data Driven Supply Chain Strategies: Assessing Risk & Ensuring Resilience – from New Product Development to Customer Care

Having a resilient supply chain does not happen without the presence of a strategy, which engages across all key functions in the organization.  (Procurement, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Product Management, Materials Management, Quality, Human Resources)

Risk presents itself in many forms, most of which have been with us since the beginning of trade -- for example, weather events, geopolitical risk (conflicts/wars, trade barriers), financial risk, raw material shortages, and one we have experienced most recently - health of the workforce – availability of labor.

At the origin of the strategy is dealing with your existing supply base:

  • Monitoring key data to determine the existence of risk
  • Development of mitigation plans to eliminate that risk
  • Assessing financial metrics and performance metrics such as on time delivery and lead time
  • On site supplier audits to highlight any systemic weaknesses
  • Understanding the supplier’s capacity and ability to grow with your company as you grow
  • Monitoring the health of tooling and equipment used to manufacture components/products
Also critical is how we communicate with suppliers daily, making sure they understand our needs in the present and the future – a robust material planning process, taking in to account the supplier’s raw material and manufacturing lead time, transit times, modes of transportation, which is all connected to the needs of our customers (SIOP = Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning).

We are constantly evolving our products, so the next area of focus is on new products – being purposeful in managing the flow of new components, new suppliers and creating a robust project management process around your new product development – engineering design for procurement / manufacturing, supplier selection.

Working this system over time with the deployment of lean sustainable processes will improve your supply chain resiliency.

Ron Kaminski,Vice President of Procurement,Trane Technologies


Industry News Flash: Auto

Eric Arnum,Publisher, Warranty Week


Networking Refreshment Break

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Legal/Regulatory Spotlight: What’s Happening Where – What You Must Know to Ensure Compliance

This session will focus on recent legislative changes and trends at both the state and federal level.  An overview of service contract regulation will be provided and lead into a discussion of specific issues.  Topics include automatic renewal bills, FTC proposed rule on dealers, FTC proposed rule on junk fees, and data privacy.  Updates on pending legislation and future trends will also be discussed.

Travis Moore, General Counsel,Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC)


How Better Customer Care Delivers Strategic Gains

Many warranty programs still focus on risk aversion, higher profits and play up to consumer fears - not customer value, It's a tactic that won't be successful for much longer because the winning play is all about taking care of customers. Hear how brands have shifted their mindset for better business results.


Chris McDonald, Founder,Registria


Networking Lunch


Industry-Specific Roundtable Discussion Groups

Join one of these small group, highly interactive discussions to get your questions answered on the spot, generate innovative ideas and hear from your industry colleagues.

  1. Auto
  2. Group Leader:

    Gloria Ham, Sr. Manager of Voluntary Protection Products,Toyota Financial Services

  3. Electronics & Mobile
  4. Alison Parr SVP ,Consumer Durables + ElectronicsRegistria

  5. Home & Appliance
  6. Group Leader:

    Alan S. Meek, Member,Frost Brown Todd LLP

  7. Other Special Markets
  8. Group Leader:

    Taj Mian, Global Business Development Manager,Domestic and General


Panel Discussion: Customer Centric New Product Innovations


Kippy MacNulty, VP Business Development,Marcone Supply


Jim Mostofi,Chief Executive Officer, Choice Home Warranty

Travis Moore,General Counsel, Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC)

Troy OtteGlobal Head of Business DevelopmentAIG

Michael Werner Founder & CEO HomeX


Networking Refreshment Break

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Exploring Electric Vehicle Extended Warranty Design: How Parts, Maintenance & Service Differ from Internal Combustion Engines

The Research & Development of Electric Vehicles (EV) as well as Manufacturing commitments by all major brands (and several new ones) have grown exponentially. How do the parts, maintenance and service needs differ from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and what programs can be designed to protect the vehicle and customer? This session will cover these topics and discuss strategies for addressing battery degradation, chargers (home, remote), rental cars + roadside assistance.

Michael Huff, President, Nissan Global Reinsurance, Ltd.

Greg Myers, Executive Managing Director, Brown & Brown


Industry News Flash: Mobile & Electronics

Eric Arnum, Publisher,Warranty Week


Inquiry or Investigation – Knowing How to Respond to a Government Agency

This session will offer a behind the scenes perspective of real life case studies involving communications from state regulators. We will look at key indicators that when missed led to an escalation of the matter into an investigation. The objective is to equip attendees to make better initial responses in order to minimize negative outcomes when communicating with regulators and others

Alan S. Meek, Member, Frost Brown Todd LLP


Creating Loyal Customers Through Subscription Models

The presentation will highlight how to create customer loyalty through a subscription model.  We will focus on how we create loyalty through offering the right products, at the right time, at the right price.  We will show how to keep loyal customers for life through our unwavering focus on convenience, speed, and quality.

Taj Mian,Global Business Development Manager, Domestic and General


Networking Reception

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Continental Breakfast


Chairperson’s Remarks

Kippy MacNulty,VP Business Development,Marcone Supply


Traps for the Unwary: Laws/Regulations You Didn’t Know Affect Service Contracts Businesses

Brian T. Casey, Esq., Partner, Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group, Locke Lord LLP

Jon L. Gillum, Senior Counsel, Locke Lord LLP


Disruptive Technology Innovations – Moving Beyond Digitization

  • Case examples of solutions for all stages of your journey
  • How implementing new technology impacts your business processes
  • Thinking out of the box to reinvent business processes through technology solutions
  • Alex D’Aoust, Chief Technology Officer, Vectorsolv


Industry News Flash: Home & Appliance

Eric Arnum,Publisher, Warranty Week


Driving Faster Issue Detection and Root Cause Analysis through Telematics and Field Data Insights

Discover the power of telematics and field data in identifying issues earlier and accelerating root cause analysis. We will explore how telematics, customer feedback, claims data, and service records can be utilized to provide valuable insights into product and service performance. Learn how machine learning and advanced analytics can be used to analyze large volumes of data and uncover patterns that may not be apparent through traditional analysis methods. Attend this session to improve your organization's product and service quality, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

David Froning, Portfolio Manager of IOT Solutions, SAS


Networking Refreshment Break


Claims Technology for Adjudicating Effectively While Improving Customer Satisfaction

This session will cover using technology to set up claims, dispatch claims, order parts and resolve customer escalations. Historically, warranty providers utilized call centers to adjudicate claims and maintain customer satisfaction. Through use of automation and AI, companies can get more cost effective claims handling with improved customer experience.

Jim Mostofi, Chief Executive Officer, Choice Home Warranty


Establishing a Dedicated Innovation Team in the Vehicle Service Contract Space: Lessons to Help in Any New Venture

In this session, the speakers will discuss lessons learned while setting up a dedicated Innovation function in the Vehicle Service Contract space. Topics will include how to effectively stay up to date with industry changes, gaining leadership buy-in for innovation,  and what to consider while building team dynamics. The session will also address how to engage with the broader organization, including the importance of establishing a vision-mission. Attendees will leave with a guidebook of what to consider as you buildout a new function in uncharted territory, as well as an awareness of common pitfalls to avoid.

Andrew Holly, ACAS. Director of Innovation, Ally Insurance

Kirsten Elsworth, Senior Director, Data & Technology, Ally Insurance


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